A Porn Proofing Tool for NZ Parents

A Porn Proofing Tool for NZ Parents

A proactive response to Internet pornography!

Good Pictures Bad Pictures is an illustrated book that parents read with their children. It is written for 5 to 10 year olds, and it  explains the workings of the brain, how addictions can develop, and, most importantly of all, it gives children a strategy - that includes practical steps to take - if they are confronted with pornography.

What makes Good Pictures Bad Pictures so unique and invaluable is that it equips children with important knowledge and a practical strategy for proactively dealing with pornography before most have even had a chance to be exposed to it.

This book is already a bestseller overseas, and parents are calling it "an amazing work" and "a great way to talk to children about pornography without the awkward, uncomfortable feeling." 

The team at Focus NZ are already using this resource with our own families and we can testify to just how effective it is - which is the very reason why we sought permission from the authors to publish this special NZ edition of Good Pictures Bad Pictures. 

Good Pictures Bad Pictures is available in New Zealand exclusively from Focus on the Family. It can be purchased now from our online shop and we can even offer a discount for bulk orders.

"A remarkable and timely tool to teach the neuroscience of avoiding pornography addiction in a way that kids can easily understand."

- Dr Donald L Hilton, Associate Professor of Neuroscience -

"As far as I'm concerned, reading and implementing Good Pictures Bad Pictures with your kids isn't an option: it's a necessity."

- Clay Olsen, Fight the New Drug -