A Vision for Families

Focus on the Family NZ is a Christian organization with a passion for helping families, communities and society to thrive through Christ and His Gospel. Our purpose is to strengthen, defend and celebrate human dignity, marriage and the institution of the traditional family, and to highlight the unique and irreplaceable role that these play in God’s larger story of redemption. 

Rather than just focusing on problems, we place a strong emphasis on seeking out and providing redemptive solutions to the issues that negatively impact marriages, families and the human person. Our ultimate desire is to empower the Church in this country with knowledge, skills and the tools to be a vibrant living witness to the life-changing power of Christian love.

We provide excellent resources, practical formation programmes, regular radio broadcasts on Rhema NZ, Southern Star, Pod casts on iHeart Radio and Spotify, practical care and support to marriages and families experiencing relationship or parenting difficulties, advice and support to churches and Christian leaders, as well as maintaining a strong emphasis on outreach to the Church in NZ through regular events around New Zealand, our blog and our Facebook page.

Focus on the Family New Zealand is a registered charity, and our work is only made possible because of the financial support we receive from ordinary Kiwis like you. 

If you are not already a financial supporter of Focus on the Family NZ, and you would like to start contributing to a Christian organisation that is working hard at the coalface to make a real and practical difference then please click here to become a supporter. 

In Jesus we trust.

Very Kind regards

Wayne Mulqueen
National Director