Crazy Little Thing Called Marriage

Crazy Little Thing Called Marriage

A Crazy Little Thing Called Marriage

Focus on the Family New Zealand is delighted to bring you Dr Greg and Erin Smalley and a refreshing series of marriage events designed to lift your spirit, make you laugh and give you valuable advice to revitalize your marriage. FOR ALL EVENT DETAILS AND TIMES GO TO OUR FACEBOOK EVENTS PAGE HERE

Based on research of thousands of strong couples, with practical advice and stories from their own marriage and counseling experiences, Greg and Erin guide couples to find ways to work around roadblocks in their current relationship and to intentionally create communication patterns that will take them to emotionally safe places and growth beyond

Dr. Greg Smalley serves as the vice president of Marriage and Family Formation at Focus on the Family.  In this role, he develops and oversees initiatives that prepare individuals for marriage, strengthen and nurture existing marriages and help couples in marital crises.

We have two events for you;

1) Soul Mates - Relax. Take a deep breath!  (Evening Date Night)

At the “Soul mates” date night event, we aren’t going to overwhelm you with a long list of things you should be doing for your marriage. Instead, we will show you how to take advantage of several moments that happen every day that will help you move from roommates to soulmates in your marriage.

2) A Marriage worth Repeating (Daytime Workshop)

Little eyes are constantly watching us—including what we do with our marriages. The way your kids see you treat your spouse is probably how they will treat their own spouse someday. Your marriage isn’t just about you and your spouse: It’s your child’s blueprint for intimacy and relationships. How would your kids describe your marriage? What are they learning from it? 

At the “Marriage Worth Repeating” event we want to offer some simple and powerful advice on how you can make your marriage to be one worth watching. We also want to show how to use this same advice to help your friends and loved ones that are struggling in their marriage. You have a powerful story!