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Focus on the Family Safety Resources

Are you aware of the negative influences your children are likely to encounter on a daily basis? 

The internet, television, movies, music, and the culture at large can bombard your family with a vast array of images and messages that range from unhealthy to downright dangerous.   Focus on the Family’s family safety resources are intended to equip you to become proactive as a parent.

Learn more about when your child is exposed to pornography: (http://www.focusonthefamily.com/parenting/sexuality/when_children_use_pornography.aspx)

Learn more about media discernment for your family. www.pluggedin.com
We also recommend Covenant Eyes, to find out more click here

5 Mistakes That Can Turn Your Kid Into a Video Game Junkie
Directing TV's Role in Your Home
How Entertainment Can Influence Thoughts and Actions
Handling Advertising's Impact on Kids
Media Discernment 101
Raising Media-Wise Teenagers - What the Bible Says
Talking to Kids About Media Discernment




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