Are You Kind to Your Kids?

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  • 27-Mar-2017 01 FEB
    Practical tips for helping children with anger management
    Few parental responsibilities are more important than teaching children how to constructively handle anger. Yet many parents feel ill-equipped. This post offers practical tips for parents who want to help their children avoid the problem of anger getting the better of them.

    By: Gary Chapman

  • 07-Feb-2017 01 FEB
    "Remarkable" new porn proofing tool available now!
    Are you a parent who wants to take proactive action to protect your kids from the risks of Internet pornography? If so, then we're really excited to be able to let you know about our brand new porn proofing resource for families called Good Pictures Bad Picture!

    By: Focus NZ

  • 01-Feb-2017 01 FEB
    Are You Kind to Your Kids?
    As parents, we don't often consider the concept of kindness within the context of parenting. We treat co-workers and store clerks and strangers on the street with kindness. Does this relationship dynamic really apply to all the big work that goes into parenting?

    By: Daniel Huerta

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