Practical tips for helping children with anger management

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  • 08-Nov-2018 01 FEB
    Advent 2018
    Our children, Marni and Ivan are little, we gathered as a family for regular devotional times throughout the Christmas season.
    Some years, that's been daunting, but as the kids grow older, it's become easier for all of us to keep focused.

    By: Wayne Mulqueen

  • 31-Jul-2017 01 FEB
    For the good of my daughter I need to let her experience pain, hurt, and loss
    That day I gave my daughter more than a moment, I gave her a gift that I have rarely allowed myself - permission to feel the pain, to hear the hurt, to acknowledge the loss; not to silence it or run over it as if it were merely an inconvenient side-story.

    By: Dani Higginbotham

  • 29-Mar-2017 01 FEB
    Faith, Family, and my battle to survive Ebola
    Dr. Kent Brantly was one of the many courageous healthcare professionals who served in Liberia during the Ebola epidemic. In this post explores his backstory, his Christian faith, and how his experience of contracting the deadly Ebola virus has affected his family.

    By: Kelsey Poole

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