Radio Broadcasts

Radio Broadcasts

Radio Broadcasts

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 For many years, Focus on the Family has been teamed up with Rhema NZ to bring you weekly Focus on the Family radio programmes. In fact, after the name James Dobson (the founder of Focus on the Family), our organisation is probably most well known for its weekly radio broadcasts.

Our radio programmes cover a wide and varied range of topics about issues ranging from marriage and family, to practical parenting and relationship advice, to human sexuality, to prayer and faith matters, to important ethical issues like abortion.

These programmes feature world-renowned experts, and are always informative and entertaining, and the same programme is repeated at three different times on the day it is broadcast so there is no need to miss an episode due to a busy schedule!

To stay updated about the topics and times of our weekly radio programmes on Rhema NZ make sure you become a fan of our Facebook page, as we post the details there each week.

How to download Focus on the Family radio broadcasts from the Internet:

Ever wanted to listen to a broadcast that caught your attention or think something might be good for a friend to hear? Just follow the simple instructions below on how to download and listen again for free!


1) Open iTunes on your computer

2) In the search box at the top right hand side, TYPE Focus on the family daily international

3) You will see a drop down menu, SELECT INTERNATIONAL from the list

4) A page with some of the international podcasts will open up, on the bottom left hand side of that page is an ICON, click that icon which says PODCASTS

5) A page will open up with the current last 30 days broadcasts which you can down load.

6) Now look on the right hand side of the page and you will see a GET or BUY icon next to each broadcast, CLICK that and you will start downloading that broadcast for FREE.

7) Next CLICK on the MY PODCASTS tab at the top of the page and this will take you to your list. To get back to the main list CLICK iTUNES STORE at the top of the page again.

8) You can even select to SUBSCRIBE and this will download you podcasts to listen to each day if you miss the broadcast.

9) Don’t have iTunes? Download it HERE

Smart Phone:

Another way to grab broadcasts each day is to download the app for you iPhone or Android from their respective App stores:  iPHONE HERE and ANDROID HERE

Listen online:

You can listen online to the last 30 days broadcast HERE