NEW: Small Group Leader Training

NEW: Small Group Leader Training


Leaders of small groups of every kind need training

Good training produces leaders who are confident, who understand relationship dynamics, spiritual dynamics and are capable of creating an effective group atmosphere essential for discipleship, pastoral care and evangelism.

This course is a leadership development tool. Trainees will experience personal growth, skills development and an understanding of the core issues encountered in running groups of every kind.

Good training develops leaders who are excited about leading and capable of assisting others in growing to their full potential in Christ.

This course includes teaching on the core issues involved in discipleship and restoration with many demonstrations of the small group skills involved.

The Small Group Leader and Facilitator Training DVD set and Manuals

Training can be done individually or in a group setting. Each training whether it be one person or a group will need to use the Leader Training DVD set, along with a Training Manual for each person attending and it is essential for each trainee undertaking the course, these tools will be an invaluable resource for their future leadership as it includes material on skills for intervention and practical tools which can be adapted to a wide variety of small group settings.


Participant Feedback

"I gained some really useful knowledge and skills which are easy to understand and to apply.  This has been really helpful to me to feel more confident in leading small groups in a variety of settings."

Valiant Man - Use Case Senario

"The Facilitator Training is particularly useful for Men wanting to run a Valiant Man course in your church, it really helps gain valuable insight prior to running your Valaint Man course and will give much more effective leadership and confidence...really making your leaders champions of the family." Valiant Man Course info




Session Information

Introduction (Valuable recruiting tool, optional for training)

Leading People into the Blessing of God

Core Issues in Growth

Shame Guilt and the Cycle of Addiction

The Influence of Family

Keys to Discipleship and Restoration

Grief and the Small Group