Bringing Home the Prodigals - DVD


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  • Bringing Home the Prodigals - DVD


    Bringing Home the Prodigals - DVD

    There is no pain like parental pain and the love of a parent for a child is like no other. Our children can disappoint us, hurt us, even abuse us but somehow we cannot stop loving them. And yet as much as we love them we cannot live their lives for them. Our children make choices. And sometimes those choices are bad ones. And yet so often we feel the guilt ourselves. But is it possible that we have made prodigals of some of our children who never turned their backs on God at all - just on some pseudo caricature of the Church and discipleship? This incredible book is a call for parents to be released from guilt, the church to repent of the part it has played, and a call to prayer that the prodigals will come home.