Faith Lessons 2 DVD - Prophets & Kings


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  • Faith Lessons 2 DVD - Prophets & Kings


    Faith Lessons 2 DVD - Prophets & Kings

    Walk With Prophets And Kings - Get to know God and His ways better as you experience the Bible through the lives and culture of the prophets and kings of Israel. The wisdom of the Bible will pierce your heart as you experience Israel through the lives of its kings and prophets. Realise the depth of depravity in Baal worship. Wander the wilderness with David and know the heart of the shepherd. Understand your responsibility to represent God to a dying world. Filmed on location at these biblically significant sites:

    • Innocent Blood Part 1 - Megiddo
    • Innocent Blood Part 2 - Megiddo
    • Who Is God? - Mount Carmel
    • The Wages Of Sin - Lachish
    • The Lord Is My Shepherd - Negev
    • God With Us - Arad

    That The World May Know series: Volume #2. Includes Leader's Guide.