Faith Lessons 5 DVD - The Early Church


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  • Faith Lessons 5 DVD - The Early Church


    Faith Lessons 5 DVD - The Early Church

    Standing In The Face Of Evil As your small group studies the components of the success of the Early Church, you will gain an enlightened view of the devotion of the disciples and develop applications for evangelism today. Marvel at the magnificence of Herod's palace and how it shaped the culture of the day. Scramble among the ruins of Qumran. Wonder at the simplicity of Jesus' parables. Study the events of Jesus' day that impacted His life, His ministry and His communication. Then help lead others to reach out and impact the lives around them for God. 'Nothing has opened and illuminated the Scriptures for me quite like the Faith Lessons series.' — Dr. James Dobson

    Filmed on location at these biblically significant sites:

    1. Everything to Lose, Nothing to Gain - Caesarea Philippi
    2. The Salt of the Earth - Sardis
    3. Where Satan Lives - Pergamum
    4. The Mark of the Beast - Ephesus
    5. Hot or Cold - Laodicea

    That The World May Know series: Volume #5 Includes Leader's Guide.