Faith Lessons 9 DVD - Fire On The Mountain


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  • Faith Lessons 9 DVD - Fire On The Mountain


    Faith Lessons 9 DVD - Fire On The Mountain

    When the Israelites left Egypt, they were finally free. Free from persecution, free from oppression, and free to worship their own God. But with that freedom comes a new challenge - learning how to live together the way God intends. In this ninth volume of Faith Lessons, discover how God teaches the Israelites what it means to be part of a community that loves him and the lessons we can begin to live out in our lives today. A leader's guide is included with the DVD. The participant's Discovery Guide is sold separately. 

    Six Faith Lessons: 

    1. The Lord Who Heals You - Red Sea & Sinai 
    2. Not by Bread Alone - Sinai 
    3. Their Blood Cried Out - Serabit al Khadim 
    4. The Mountain of God - Jebel Katarina 
    5. I Led You Like a Bride - Jebel Katarina 
    6. The Whisper of God - Jebel Katarina