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    UNFILTERED: A New Resource for parents

    UNFILTERED: A New Resource for parents Unfiltered-WorkshopWhat if parents in your church or parish got together for one evening to seriously talk about these things, got educated, and made plans to support one another in this task? That’s what UNFILTERED is all about. What is it? UNFILTERED: Equipping Parents for an Ongoing Conversation about Internet Pornography is a DVD workshop. Who is it for? The workshop is for Christian parents, churches, and parishes. The workshop can be played in a large group setting or in a small, living room setting. What is it about? The workshop equips parents with a variety of information:

    • Statistics of pornography use
    • The impact of porn on the brain and our children’s sexual beliefs
    • How to contrast biblical sexuality with pornography
    • Basic rules for responsible Internet use in the home

    How long is it? The DVD is about 35 minutes long. The entire event can be held in 60 to 90 minutes when discussion before and after the presentation is included.